Valerie Lee, Owner and Principal Designer

Valerie graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Interior Design. In 1997 she established her firm and has been working as a licensed professional and NCIDQ certified Interior Designer ever since. With over 25 years of experience, she strongly believes that design can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. She enjoys the challenge of helping her clients execute the personal vision they have for their space. With a passion for high end residential and commercial design, her projects have taken her from private islands off Key West to Chicago, and along the East Coast from Florida to Connecticut.

In addition to staying up to date with the latest interior design principles and practices, Valerie also makes it a priority to stay inspired and to stay in touch with current trends. She takes annual trips to market and stays well traveled. With a passion for travel, she finds her most creative inspiration from exposing herself to different cultures—most recently in China, Japan, and throughout Europe. She loves to gather ideas for unique ways to help her clients express themselves through design.

Natalie Eisler, Designer

Natalie Eisler has dedicated the past 18 years to merging her expertise in Residential & Hospitality Design with Sales, channeling her passion for crafting captivating spaces that evoke memorable and immersive experiences. Graduating with a BFA in Interior Design from Valdosta State University in 2002, she embarked on her career at Anastasia Design Group in St. Augustine, FL, under the guidance of the firm’s founder, Valerie Lee. From 2003 to 2008, Natalie focused on residential and hotel condominium projects.

Love had a profound impact on her life, whisking her away to Chicago, IL, where she not only shared her journey with her boyfriend, now husband, but also continued to advance in the design industry. Situated in a city adorned with iconic architecture and a multitude of design styles, Chicago provided Natalie with the opportunity to transition to the vendor/wholesale side. For over 12 years, she thrived as part of the sales team at Eastern Accents, a prominent manufacturer of luxury home soft goods and textiles. Her roles encompassed residential sales across the Midwest and Southeast, as well as nationwide management of hospitality sales and projects. Natalie’s background in design naturally endowed her with an intuitive understanding of and effortless communication with her designer customers and hoteliers. She gained invaluable insight into effectively executing clients’ visions and cultivating the desired experiences for each space.

Embracing a nomadic lifestyle for a couple of years after the pandemic hit, Natalie, alongside her husband and their two Jack Russell’s, traversed the West Coast, Midwest, and Southeast, working remotely and indulging in enriching travels that nourished both their personal and professional lives. However, life has a way of bringing us full circle, and Natalie found herself returning to St. Augustine in the fall of 2021, the very place where her design journey first took root at Anastasia Design Group. With an abundance of experiences since 2003, Natalie is now able to give back to the company and mentor whose foundation led to where she is today. As the Senior Design Partner alongside Valerie Lee, Natalie is realizing her dream of conveying her clients’ narratives through the lens of Interior Design. Concurrently, she continues to collaborate with Valerie in cultivating a formidable design team, empowering them to be bold, resilient, and always mindful that, like any remarkable structure, nothing is accomplished alone.

Toni Reyes, Design Coordinator/Project Manager

Meet our talented design coordinator and project manager, Toni Reyes, a dynamic 27-year-old professional with a passion for interior design and exceptional organizational skills. Before her time at ADG, Toni had experience in kitchen design at a local showroom.

With a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of creativity, Toni has worked on a range of commercial and residential projects, consistently delivering exceptional results. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency, has made her a trusted and respected member of our team.

Toni’s excellent project management skills and fast learning ability make her stand out from her peers. She is always eager to take on new challenges and has an impressive track record of delivering projects on time. Her positive attitude and ability to work collaboratively with clients, vendors, and team members make her a pleasure to work with.

Shelby Yocius, Design Coordinator/Property Manager

Meet Shelby, our talented interior design assistant (as well as Valerie’s vacation rental manager), who is an integral part of the team at Anastasia Design Group. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2023 with a degree in Entrepreneurship, Shelby joined the company and has been instrumental in helping to drive its success.

As an interior design assistant, Shelby works closely with Valerie and the rest of the design team to create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect the unique style and personality of each client. With an eye for detail, creative problem-solving skills, and a passion for design, she has quickly become an indispensable member of the team, helping to manage projects from start to finish.

In addition to her work in interior design, Shelby also serves as the vacation rental manager for Valerie’s properties. In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that each property is marketed effectively and managed efficiently, ensuring that guests have a wonderful and memorable experience.

With her background in entrepreneurship, Shelby brings a unique perspective to her work at Anastasia Design Group. She is passionate about marketing and has helped to develop innovative strategies to promote the company’s services and increase its visibility in the marketplace.

Shelby’s commitment to excellence and her ability to work collaboratively with clients and team members have earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues at Anastasia Design Group. She is a valuable asset to the company, and her passion for design and marketing make her a rising star in the industry.

With her passion for design, and wanderlust spirit, Shelby is a force to be reckoned with. We look forward to seeing Shelby’s continued growth and success as she helps shape the future of Anastasia Design Group and the world of interior design. We are excited to see where her career takes her next!